Friday, September 11, 2009

Yes, Kerry, there really is an Old KY Home

Today got off to a slow start---late to bed, late to rise. Since the Hampton had put up breakfast before we got around to looking for it, we decided to skip it and start our day at our Old Kentucky Home which neither of us had ever been to. Amazingly, of all the places P&D took us as children, we did not explore Kentucky very much. Before heading to the big house we stopped in at the Old Talbott Tavern to see if our friend of a friend,Kathy, was there (her husband's family owns it). She was not there but as we were leaving a UK fan spotted the Tiger tags on my car and asked if we were from Memphis. I confessed and we had a civilized conversation about basketball and the NCAA, then he told us about all kinds of attractions in and around the Bardstown area. He even gave us correct directions on how to get to My Old Kentucky Home. We did the tour w/ five other people (we were the youngest) and then walked around the grounds a bit. We were both about to have "low blood" from lack of food (even though we snuck a very small piece of chocolate in MOKH) so we headed back to the Old Talbott Tavern for lunch. While we were waiting to be seated, Kathy called and said she would meet us there. She got there and we had a wonderful meal w/ good company and lively conversation. Thanks Kathy!!!! She gave us a tour of the bar and B&B the we went on a "walking tour" of Bardstown in search of the elusive Largest Bourbon Barrel in the world. We couldn't find it. We went back to the Tavern and said our good-byes and headed for Maker's Mark--after all, we are here to do the Bourbon Trail. It was a ways out of town and we got there right before the last tour started. The bourbon making process is complicated and takes years to complete. We had samples but to really enjoy them you probably need to like bourbon. I don't. The tour was educational though and the grounds were lovely. We left there and headed to Frankfort, capitol of KY, to spend the night and hopefully get an early enough start in the morning to tour the capitol building and make it to the outhouse races in Campbellsville. find dinner.

Sorry about the pictures--I'm new at this. First one is the barrels stacked in the warehouse at Maker's Mark and a sample charred barrel. Second is Marker's Mark making. Third and fourth pictures are My Old Kentucky Home.

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