Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Observations

We have visited several very successful KY businesses---all still do things like they did years and years ago and with some of the same 50-100+ year old equipment. I really like that.

The Cave Hill cemetery is a very peaceful and beautiful place.

Louisville really missed the boat w/ their riverfront.

I don't know why they make 4 lane roads and let people park in the lane---why not have a 2 lane road w/ parking on each side? It's very frustrating. And left turn lanes are really good things--too bad there aren't more of them.

It is very important to spell words correctly. I am embarrassed for my home state--the "official" green highway sign pointed us to the State Capital. I know that I learned the correct spelling of capitol in the Kentucky public schools. Maybe they don't teach that any more. Also in the Louisville Slugger museum received was spelled recieved. Don't they have proofreaders?

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