Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bats and Glass

I love lazy Sunday mornings. We slept in, watched a little TV (CBS Sunday Morning-one of my favorite shows) and made lunch reservations. Thankfully, we made lunch reservations--I knew Lynn's would be crowded and it was, but we were seated immediately upon arrival--and outside. The weather was perfect, as was the food. We had a leisurely lunch, perused the gift shop and then decided to go find Col. Sanders grave site. After cruising the cemetery for a while, we finally found it--of course, we had asked for directions when we drove in but neither one of us listened to the end of the directions. Oh well, we found it in spite of ourselves. On our way back, we drove through the U of L campus--quite a stretch for a Tiger fan, and then drove by Churchill Downs for a photo op. After that, we brought the car back to the hotel and took off on foot for the Louisville Slugger factory and Glassworks. We had time before the Slugger tour, so we walked over to Glassworks so we could see that before it closed. It was very cool but I wish we could have seen them actually making something--might require another trip to Louisville! We went back to Louisville Slugger and took the tour even though they were not working. The tour was very interesting and our guide was good (used to be a middle school teacher). After the tour, we walked down to the river and walked along the walkway (under the interstate) for a few blocks and then back to the hotel. The original plan was to walk someplace for dinner but we couldn't find anything that really interested us so we got the car back out and went to Wick's for pizza. It hit the spot. The place was hoppin' too. Unfortunately, all the outside seating was taken. We decided we needed ice cream so we went to Homemade Ice Cream and Pie. Great Choice! We shared a piece of chocolate chess pie w/ cookie dough ice cream and we got outside seating! An excellent ending to another great day.

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