Friday, September 11, 2009


FedEx truck at Maker's Mark.

It only takes 40 seconds to char the bourbon barrel. I found that interesting.

You can be a Maker's Mark ambassador and in 5-7 years you will get to dip your own bottle (out of a barrel w/ your name on it) in the hot red wax-the label will have your name on it too.
One in every 1000 Maker's Mark bottles has wax dripping down each corner and all the way down the neck. Slam dunk. I love that they do this just for kicks--and these bottles can be valuable. If you see one, buy it. Go to the website

We heard a lot of music today. Stephen Foster music was playing at My Old Kentucky Home--I wonder if it disturbs the golfers on the course on the grounds of MOKH. Heard lots of Classic Vinyl on the radio. At dinner tonight there was a man playing guitar and singing on the grounds of the Old KY Capitol which was across the street. He was not very good so it was ok when the train came right down the middle of the street and drowned him out.

There was a train car with mortar sand in it w/ a small bulldozer sitting on top of it. That looks very funny on a moving train. And literally, the train goes right down the middle of Broadway in Frankfort--I thought the tracks were bad in Memphis!

Frankfort, while I've only seen it at night, seems like an odd little town. Maybe I'll have a different observation tomorrow.

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