Saturday, September 12, 2009

From Culture to Sub-culture

Today we needed to get an early start. And we did, kind of. We got up early but didn't leave the hotel until almost 9:00. We had three destinations in Frankfort before heading to Gravel Switch for the world famous Outhouse Blowout! We had found a little diner in downtown Frankfort last night that looked like a good choice for breakfast. We tried it this morning. It was good but slow and we needed good but fast! The country ham was really good though, and Dilla or is it Della with an accent (?), our waitress, did a good job considering she was the only one there and she was babysitting as well as waitressing. On our way back to the car, the bakery across the street was calling our names so we had to go in. I love the smell when you first walk into a real bakery. We bought a dozen cookies which were put in a box and tied with string. How quaint. We wanted to go to the Rebecca-Ruth Candy factory (inventors of bourbon balls) and to the state capitol before heading to the Outhouse Blowout. We did but then we were pushing it to get to the races on time. The candy factory was interesting and small but you've gotta love women who go against the odds to make ends meet for their families. The Rebecca-Ruth Candy Factory has quite a history and is still going strong. We were just blocks from the Capitol so we did make it to both. The Kentucky Capitol is very impressive. To all my Kentucky friends---if you have never been there, you need to make it a point to go. We go to every state capitol building we come across the the Kentucky Capitol Building is one of the best I've seen. It is impressive--and, we just walked right in. It was less secure than the South Dakota Capitol Building. We didn't see a trooper or any other kind of security person the whole time we were there. And to think, I made a point of taking my pocket knife out of my purse before we went in! Our self guided tour done, we headed south to find Penn's Store and the Outhouse Blowout!

We had 3 sets of instructions on how to get there, Garmin, iPhone and the website directions---all of them were different but we made it and saw the Kentucky countryside as well. Once again, we were the only ones on the road and when we got to the destination, there were at least a hundred people there. What road did they take? We thought we were late for the races but not so. They were still doing practice rounds when we got there. So, we did get to see the outhouse races! YES!!!! It was hot and the concession stand slow so we saw what we came to see--Penn's Stores, the 1992 original outhouse and the outhouse races. A successful outing. We left, headed to Danville where we walked around the Centre College campus and Constitution Square and then headed to Louisville where we are now. We contacted a high school friend on the way, Mike, and we met him for a drink when we got here. It was good to catch up! We're resting now and tomorrow we will tour the city--Louisville Slugger and Glassworks here we come!

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